Event Date: 24th May 6:00 pm

Presented by: Tim Burrows

Essex. A county both famous and infamous: the stuff of tabloid headlines and reality
television, consumer culture and right-wing politicians. England’s dark id.
But beyond the sensationalist headlines lies a strange and secret place with a rich
history: of smugglers and private islands, artists and radicals, myths and legends. It’s
where the Peasants’ Revolt began and the Empire Windrush docked. And – from
political movements like Brexit to cultural events like TOWIE – where Essex leads, the
rest of us often follow.
Deeply researched and thoroughly engaging, The Invention of Essex shows that there is
more to this fabled English county than meets the eye.

Tim Burrows is a journalist, who has written about society, culture and place for the
Guardian, New Statesman, Vice, the Daily Telegraph, Dazed & Confused, the
Quietus and Somesuch Stories, among others. A recurring subject in his work is Essex
and the Thames Estuary. His Guardian longread ‘The Invention of Essex’ was
published to widespread acclaim. He lives in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.