Poetry Reading – It doesn’t have to be perfect, darling

Event Date: 20th July 6pm

Presented by: Ashley Oakley

…It really doesn’t. This eclectic collection of poetry is the first book Ashley has published, and it was motivated by the notion that nothing is perfect; poetry, work, relationships, life.
That imperfection is part of what makes it beautiful, human.
This book wasn’t born from perfection, it was born from living, writing, and always trying to create and communicate.
In the words of poet, Cherry Smyth,

“Allie Oakley’s voice is funny, doleful, mischievous and frank. This startling and frank debut bubbles with effervescent personality and charm. Oakley sees the horrors of the world, and has been hurt by them, but her poems emit a beautiful, tender openness that will inspire readers to live and love.”

Ashley, or Allie as she is often called, was born and raised in Southend-on-Sea.
Writing since age 11, she had resisted the pull to a career in writing until two years ago, when at age 22 she left her 9 to 5 to study English Literature and Creative Writing at University, on the notion that “life is too short not to be lived in the pursuit of joy”.

With many more projects in the works, Allie is optimistic for the future, and aims to find and share the joy of the journey too.

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