Event Date: 5th July 6:00 pm

Presented by: Gordon Glenister

Join us in welcoming Gordon Glenister as he discusses how to connect to your audience through Influencer Marketing and Membership Expertise!

Gordon is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional; who has worked with a number of recognised businesses over the years including many household names. Gordon’s main area of focus is membership, influencer marketing and promotional merchandise.

Gordon is heavily involved in the Influencer Marketing sector, an area that is rapidly growing and shows no sign of slowing down. Gordon launched the first association arm of the Branded Content Marketing Association, designed especially to support the influencer marketing industry and he regularly speaks and hosts panels on this topic. Additionally, Gordon runs “Influence”, the global podcast on influencer marketing. Gordon was also the brains behind the creation of Pitch Influence, a competition to support the creative industry.

With numerous connections in the influencer marketing industry, Gordon partners highly influential influencers with brands and recommends powerful influencer marketing strategies for business success.

Gordon is the author of the award winning book Influencer Marketing Strategy, of which the latest edition will be published in July 2024.