POSTPONED – Author event – Tracksuit Millionaire

Event Date: 12th July 6pm

Presented by: Matthew Bray

Ever wondered what it’s like to step into the mind of a criminal? The motivations and inner workings? Or maybe you’re just eager to build a business but unsure of where to begin and need guidance. Perhaps you’re just trying to make sense of life and its challenges.

In The Tracksuit Millionaire, you will step into my world: the intriguing world of a former criminal turned career and life coach. Discover how I stepped out of the darkness, turning my back on a life of crime, all while fighting against my own inner demons and police corruption determined to see me fail to build successful businesses and a loving family. Life is hard and, when it hits you the hardest, I’ll reveal how I learnt to halt, focus and push forwards. From a past marked by crime to becoming a life coach and a devoted dad juggling various businesses, this book is my raw unfiltered journey. It’s an unflinching look at the resilience needed to overcome life’s obstacles and a guide to finding your path amidst chaos. Join me in discovering how I transformed my life and how you can do the same. Registered disabled with a chronic illness, anything is possible.

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